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Frequently Asked Questions

AMI Personnel has been supporting local industry since 1998 and have become specialists at placing employees in temporary assignments leading to permanent career opportunities.

How it works

After receiving your resume, AMI Personnel will conduct an interview and perform a background check. The interview will give AMI Personnel a profile of you based on your professional attributes and desires which in turn gives us the direction needed to find you the right opportunity. Our goal is to always connect the right people, with right career opportunities.

Our client base is ever changing and growing along with the job market. One policy that we continue to maintain is that of client confidentiality. AMI Personnel will disclose the clients name and position details upon qualifying candidates through an interview and background check process. Candidates will always have the final say in which opportunities they would like to be considered for. Our goal is to match the right candidate with the right opportunity.

Absolutely not! There will never be any charges to you.

In today's competitive marketplace, many more companies are relying on temporary help agencies for their expertise in finding the key individuals to assist them. As such, many opportunities are with some of the larger and most well-known companies who will not advertise externally. AMI Personnel can present you with opportunities in a variety of industries that you may not be otherwise aware of, or have access to. Even if you are satisfied with your current employment but would like to be kept up to date with information regarding higher paying or more specialized positions, we can help. We also take care of scheduling subsequent interviews around your work schedule with our clients as well as coordinating any necessary training.

Simply send your resume to in word processing format. Upon receiving the resume you will be considered for all current and future opportunities. AMI Personnel will contact you for an interview when a position becomes available that matches your skill set and experience. You will then be required to provide a minimum of 2 work related references from past or current employers before you can be considered for any opportunity.

The vast majority of our assignments are designed to result in permanent hire based on hours worked, performance, and economic factors. With every offer of employment, you will be made aware of the duration, commitment and the expectation of the opportunity thus allowing you to make the best career decision.

All employees employed by AMI Personnel would be eligible to join our shared benefit package after being employed full-time for 3 months. When you are officially hired by your employer, you will fall under the benefits of that employer.

The difference between AMI Personnel and other temporary help agencies is that our focus is concentrated on finding you permanent full-time employment, rather than offering you short term or day to day contracts. AMI Personnel has developed long term relationships with many different organizations allowing us to give you many different career opportunities.